The Complete History of the Howling Announcement

You might have already seen this announcement on social media, but I’m now involved in an exciting new project on the Howling movie franchise. Bryn Curt J Hammond has a book on the franchise in the works and he’s invited me to write a short story for it, which I’ve already drafted and will be sending to him soon. There will also be 2 or 3 pieces of artwork commissioned to go with the story, bringing my work to life!

You can read an interview with Horror Screams Video Vault for a bit more info here, and there should be dates of joint signings with Bryn to come soon!

I also have an announcement to make regarding the Hybrid series. I’m taking a little break now to develop my short story, The Reckoning, into a full-length novel, with the intention of submitting to agencies in 2018 as I still don’t have an agent at present. But rest assured, I will get started on Hybrid book 4 as soon as my Pendle witches novel goes into the beta reading phase. Stay tuned for more updates!