New Interviews and Appearances

I recently did an interview with Matt Doyle Media which is here for anyone who missed it on Facebook or Twitter. Matt also gave me a great review of Hybrid and he just interviewed my co-author on the Complete History of the Howling, Bryn CJ Hammond. Bryn does talk a bit about the Howling for anyone excited for this upcoming release, as well as answering questions about his career and his A Case For Murder series.

There’s also a radio interview with Bryn for Shoot The Breeze on Resonance FM which you can listen to on their podcast here.

And finally for recent reviews and interviews, here’s a glowing review from Cultural Life Connection.

This Thursday I’m going to be at Kirklees College doing a talk for students about the long road to getting published, followed by a workshop, and I will be doing a similar thing for a local school on World Book Day. I will also be appearing at Birmingham Horror Con again, even though they’ve yet to announce me on the website or Facebook page (I am there on the floor plan though!). As always, if you can make it to the con then please come say hi – it’s always great to chat to fans about my work and horror/werewolves in general, and I promise not to bite too much.